General questions

1 As a private buyer, can I purchase vehicles from you ?

Yes, you can.

But we do not have any knowledge about laws in your country, thus we will not be able to advice you on the way to acquire vehicles from us, nor can we introduce you to a vehicle dealer.

There are cases where certain models are not allowed in some countries.

Please double check your country's vehicle importing regulations before purchasing from us.

2 Will you be able to obtain vehicle/vehicles that are not on your stock list for me ?

Yes, we can.

Please click on the inquiry button on the our website, and let us know the details.

3 Are there any warranty for the vehicles you sell ?

Unfortunately, no warranties are provided.

However, we are very honest about the mileage of the vehicle, as well as any interior or exterior damages it has. We grade vehicles with our own inspection grade system, so you can evaluate the vehicle easily.

All vehicles have been checked and maintained by our inspectors.

About Payment

1 Can I pay in any currency ?

Payment should be made in Japanese yen or U.S. Dollar.  Full amount should be paid within 3 days after the issue of invoice by Telegraphic Transfer.

If you cannot find your desired vehicle, we will search it throughout japanese auctions and our extensive network of partners.
If you can not find answer to your questions.

Just contact us by phone or e-mail.

9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM JST (Mon ~ Sat)